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Mar 29, 2007
Coastalish 'down easter'
I've been ensconced in Maine for a little over a month now and came back on line a couple of weeks ago. I thought I'd share the fun and pain of my move.

After disconnecting my computer, my wife thoughtfully didn't put the cords in the box she packed the monitor and stack into :grrrr: (not that I noticed that immediately).

We spent the next day shoving last minute items into boxes.

Saturday came (Aug. 15) and we were ~ all set. Only one friend showed up to help fill the 17' truck. Fortunately, having anticipated this, I had hired 2 professional movers to show up at noon, they took 1 look at what and how we had started loading the truck, shook their heads and said "sir, is it ok if we redo some of this?" (let me tell y'all, get the pros if you have to move - they shoved at least 2X more stuff in the truck than i would have been able to) These guys packed the truck to bulging... but, it wasn't enough. We had to leave a lot of stuff behind, including our new gas grill :(

We slept on our just purchased blow-up bed that night and planned for an early start in the morning. (we went to buy the bed because DW had a coupon for $20 off - however the coupon didn't take effect until the day after we were moving, so we paid full price :evil: )

Sunday A.M. we get up at 7:00 and get ready to go. All went well :whoot: We got the Saturn on the dolly and headed north to embrace our bright new future. 2 miles down the highway I realized that I had forgotten to put the &%%$#** ramps on the dolly back up (THAT was the scraping sound I'd been hearing :hammer: )

We arrived in Maine to find my SIL and her friend anxiously awaiting us and a "Welcome Home Ted, Weezy & Maggie" on the front window (I'll have to load the pic of the window)

We started yarding stuff off of the truck. Then the hired help on this end showed up, he's a bull and could probably carry the moving truck by himself ... but, he was only concerned with getting the stuff into the house. This resulted in having many boxes being stacked in inappropriate locations and making the initial unpacking more difficult.

OK, now we've got all our stuff IN the house - still hours of sorting - just to be able to have dinner and go to bed :shock:

I started my new job the next morning at 8:00. My wife, Weezy, did the bulk of the unpacking whilst I worked :cool: Yet, there were large objects that she can't move by herself, so I had the pleasure of working 8 - 9 hrs. and then come home to either move heavy objects or break out the power tools and make/ install a shelf or hanger rod.

As for the stuff we had to leave in Ct. - we went back on Thurs. and picked it up. L O N G day! We had to rent a 15' truck up here and drive down, load up the stuff we had left behind and drive back that day. It was my first day off from work and we got back here at ~ midnight and spent 1.5 hours unloading the beast. I was 'bright and shiny' come 8:00 the next day :roll:

We're all but settled in now :bowdown: The guest bedroom holds stuff we haven't figured out where to put, but it's livable.

I'll tell y'all about the 6 pools I now care for later - Ive got the flu and my father is very sick (but recovering well :goodjob: ) and I haven't the time, right now to play.


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Sep 9, 2010
Good to hear everybody is safe. Maine is a wonderful place. I grew up near Portland.


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Jul 8, 2009
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Nice to have you back online with us. Take your time moving in. You may find that all that stuff you thought you couldn't live without, you can.


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Jan 6, 2010
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Stop it! You're giving me flashbacks.

My moving crew flaked on me, too. One guy did show, and I paid him handsomely. Then he could tell the others later and cause them regret. Plus we really couldn't have finished in one day without him.

Then the living out of boxes, no internet, and still having to get up and go to work. I was getting pretty tired of eating paper-wrapped food out of a bag after a few days.
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