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May 12, 2012
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I want to give a ‘Thank You’ to all of the Mods and regular contributors here and many of the new members who have shared their questions and stories. All of the input has been invaluable over the past three months of my conversion to BBB.

I switched over to BBB this Fourth of July weekend, taking the plunge with a locally purchased K2006 kit. I decided to take the plunge based on a desire to address a question raised by my pool shop, which questioned my high CYA. Long story short, they started me off on a Cal-Hypo, SuperDuper Algaecide program nearly three years ago and I found it to be quite expensive, so I "cheated" and went to a Trichlor/Dichlor program (Costco) last year without knowing the increasing CYA drawbacks.

Long story short, I went from spending well over $550 a year to about $125 starting out the first part of this year, to $75 the past three months ($8 per week in bleach). I have to fully disclose the local purchase of the K2006 was $90 and I later spent another $60 (which included shipping on two orders) ordering additional testing chemicals, a speedstir and sample sizer from Dave at TFTestkits (great service and help). So my total cost went down some, but my control over the pool and assurance of avoiding a green disaster went up considerably.

This year I started out with CYA over 100 and quickly benefited from a lot of rain and drain along with time to read up in Pool School where I learned to use the pool calc to determine how much water to change out. I managed to get my CYA down to just over 40 and now can easily maintain my pool on a daily basis in less time than it took me to drive to pool store twice a week.

I can only imagine that I was within four weeks of an algae outbreak when I started back in July. Thanks to all of you and using my time and dollars wisely I finished up my third season in the clear.


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Jun 5, 2012
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jtaves85mcss said:
I can only imagine that I was within four weeks of an algae outbreak when I started back in July.
This is similar to my story when I switched to BBB around two years ago. That year, several people around here suffered from a pink algae outbreak ("pink algae" is the common name but it is a bit of a misnomer since it is caused by a bacterium and not an algae). We are all on municipal water, so I believe I was on the verge of an outbreak when I took the leap of faith and switched to BBB. Been clear sailing ever since.
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