Thanks TFP!


Apr 7, 2014
Central California
Finally was able to stop the SLAM process this morning! I had to take a minor break from my previous SLAM due to a family emergency. When we came back home the pool had a white cloudy tint. I took a day and converted the pool over to PVC plumbing and a sidewall skimmer and now my flow rate is awesome. Started SLAMing again the next day when the PVC conversion was done. My wife finally got comfortable enough with testing that she was able to help keep the chlorine levels up while I was at work. 6 days later and I finally passed the OCLT! Pool water is absolutely crystal clear and the CC test just barely started to turn slight pink on the 5th drop. Just wanted to say thanks to the community here for all of the information and help!

To those who feel lost and overwhelmed with the SLAM process or think its taking too long, just be patient!! Also make sure you have a proper test kit to test the water yourself! The SLAM method takes time but the end result is crystal clear pool water that you will be proud of and the neighbors will be envious of.