Thanks so much to the volunteers who make this site work!


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Jul 2, 2018
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Last July, I came here for help clearing a cloudy pool. With advice from others here, I lowered CYA from around 270 to normal over the course of three rainy months, chose a new pool robot, and have kept the pool in great shape with only one brief SLAM needed after being away. It is so nice to understand the basics of pool water chemistry instead of trusting the pool store. Most of the frustration and expense of pool ownership is gone. At some point I'm sure I'll be back learning what I need to know about resurfacing. My thanks to everyone who makes this valuable website possible!
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May 3, 2014
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My thanks to everyone who makes this valuable website possible!
Thank you for being part of the forum.
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Jan 17, 2012
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We're lucky to have 24/7 access to TFP Guides and Experts who donate their time to help others. Some spend so much time on the site, I question whether they even sleep.
We sleep. Except Marti....he never sleeps. He also types at lightening speed and answers faster than anyone. We all strive to be more like Marti... 'cept for the hairline. :ROFLMAO:

Maddie :flower:
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