Thanks for the resources


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Sep 10, 2020
SW Florida
Been lurking awhile but wanted to say hi.

Also, I got a Bestway pool to help get us through the pandemic. Started reading around and upgraded to a SWG and sand filter right away.

After about a month I started noticing rust spots on the weld's of the T joints of the pool. There's also some on the top rails. Then the ladder began rusting like crazy.

I contacted Bestway and they are shipping me new parts to replace the rusted ones. This time I'll get some coating on them, (rustoleum?) before I replace them and hopefully they hold up a little better. Hoping to get a few years out of this thing if possible.

Also, had a big rain then got mustard algae, I tried the mustard slam twice and when the chlorine level came back down under 10ppm the algee would return.

Pool store wanted me to put yellow out but I figured it couldn't hurt to try phosphate remover so on the 3rd slam I added some phosphate remover and the pool has been clear ever since. Just thought I would share in case it helps someone else. I know, I know, it goes against the "chlorine is enough" but I'm guessing those guys live somewhere else because trying with chlorine only was a nightmare. Still glad I followed the advice not to use yellow-out.

Anyway, thanks for all the resources!


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Jul 3, 2013
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Welcome to TFP :)

You took the information and used it to your advantage and that is what we are about... not blindly throwing stuff at the pool and see what happens... You may have had a high level of phosphates and that helped, great job :)