Thanks and a tip.

May 30, 2008
Southern Virginia
Just wanted to say thanks for all the great information here. I had never owned a pool before but recently purchased a home with a 24' AG which I was very apprehensive about. The pool was a dark dark green, the pump was seized and the shed was filled with Baquacil products which after some research I decided I would switch to chlorine. After replacing the pump I adjusted the TA which was 48 and then shocked it hard with some trichlor powder that my neighbor had because I thought it would help in bringing up the CYA. Anyhow I then started adding the bleach and within 48 hours the green was all gone and the pool was a bluish white. I continued the bleach therapy for a few days and it just stayed the bluish white. I kept reading other posts on this forum that it would eventually clear up and then I could change my sand in the filter and start to enjoy the pool. I started to get impatient after a few more days and decided that if the pool and pump were in such disrepair that maybe I should at least check the sand in the filter. The sand was solid like plaster and there was a huge cavity that went straight to the bottom! No wonder the pool wasn't clearing. I changed the sand and cleaned the laterals and now the pool is at TA 110, PH 7.0, FC 16, CC 1.0, CYA 45 and CH 100. I plan to change the sand again and replace the laterals once the water clears and I can vacuum the bottom.

My tip is this: If you inherit a poorly neglected pool, might want to check the sand in the filter along with everything else before starting. I sure most people know this but it never occurred to me. :roll:

In conclusion I just want to say thanks to everyone who posts here and for all the great information on this site. I love the layout and the stickies, very informative and helpful.