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May 22, 2020
Houston texas
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Salt Water Generator
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Jandy Aquapure 1400
I just wanted to give you a quick update on our pool project. Poll was plastered two weeks ago and pump has been running for 10 days. I followed the PB instructions for acid start for 4 days then started following the TFP method.
I was able to find all the answers I needed to get me started on this forum. As of yesterday evening, those were my numbers, as per Taylor 2006 C testing: pH 7.8, FC 2, CC 0, TA 80, CH 280, CYA 50. I added muriatic acid and liquid chlorine as per pool math calculator. I will be using liquid chlorine for the next few weeks before adding salt for the SWG.
I went to the pool store Thursday and got my first analysis, required by pool builder on a monthly basis to maintain warranty. Went to pinch a penny and they actually use manual testing and confirmed my numbers. They also test my phosphates level, told me they were high (2500) and offered to sell me some phosphate treatment. I politely declined, came home and of course found the answer I needed on this forum. The PB did added some sequestrant at fill up, water used for fill was tested for phosphate at 608 per another pool store. Will keep an eye on it and probably test it myself.

thank you all again for this amazing forum