TFP success testimony


Apr 19, 2017
Bolivar, Missouri
About three and a half weeks ago, my wife started hounding me about getting the pool opened at the house we are about to close on and move to. The 16x32' above ground pool had been neglected and sitting untouched for two years. I did what I usually do, and started looking for answers on the internet. I found TFP and began reading immediately, becoming interested in the chemistry of it. I posted "Another first timer..." After many hours of reading, head scratching, testing, netting, skimming, vacuuming, brushing, retesting, and around $100 later, here I am. I want to thank all the folks here for the success I've had. Poolmath is amazing and the knowledge of some of the moderators here is invaluable. The attached photos were taken April 19th and then today. Thanks so much!



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Apr 3, 2017
Phoenix, AZ
Outstanding work. I'm also a recent success story and its great to see others with similar experience. Thanks for sharing!


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TFP Guide
May 14, 2015
Cartersville Ga
Great job! :thumleft:
Heck, you might want to even go a step further and press the Support button up at the top of the page. You get a cool badge and some nice perks, too. Have a great summer and feel free to help encourage some folks if you notice they need it.

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