TFP saved my hide last hoping to make life even easier.


Jul 22, 2018
Fairfield, Ohio
Thanks to TFP, this first-time pool owner (as of last year) was able to maintain his pool with relative ease after being sold all the wonderful chemical buckets that came along with it. Most of these are now just sitting in my shed, good for paper weights (really, really big pieces of paper).

I have been testing my water with the TF-100 kit on a weekly basis (except for this past week :oops:) and it's helped me keep things pretty spot-on. Hot as hekk weather, family emergency, and increased work hours have resulted in my first dance with hazy water as of today. I have commenced SLAM and will be testing accordingly.

I have seen some information here about means of automatically dosing the pool with chlorine. My pool was installed with an Aqua Smarte system (bac pac), but after I got on board with TFP, I stopped using it immediately thanks to understanding the FC/CYA relationship that gets sent off the charts with these things. The only reason I haven't removed it is's there and I haven't felt like re-plumbing things. There's no cartridge in it and the dial is set to zero, so no harm there. Maybe I'll get to yanking it at some point. In any event, I have been manually chlorinating my pool with liquid 10% shock ever since.

I don't know much about the Stenner systems I've been seeing a bit of information about here. Whether they can be used with AG pools. How they might be set up if they can be used with AG pools. I had one 240V/30A circuit run to just behind my pool (pictured), which is where the pump plugs in, but there's no other electric out there. As shown in the photos, the pump/filter setup is on the "far" side of my pool (i.e., if looking at my pool from my back patio, it's on the opposite side, between the pool and the far fence).

Would anyone have any suggestions regarding setting up this (or a suitable alternative) autochlorination system?








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Jul 21, 2013
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Jan 6, 2010
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If you're going to start sawing pipes and spending a pile of dough on a reservoir and pump, just eliminate some middlemen and get a saltwater generator. A pump system will still need to be filled regularly, so you'll still be hunting for bleach. You'll still be testing and tweaking the feed. Just create the chlorine onsite and skip the bottling and transport part.