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May 8, 2012
Southeast Michigan
Background story first:
We got the water to shock level, covered it, shut off the pump and went away for the weekend of 8/16 - 18. Came back on Sunday and waited till Tuesday 8/18 to check the pool. Discovered the pump had died sometime between Monday night and Tuesday morning. Chlorine level was near 6 or 7 (running low on regent so not specific). Added more chlorine, skimmed and raked the debris off the bottom and sides. My husband rigged up a submersible pump and pipes to circulate the water. We recovered the pool and let the pump circulate the water while we scrambled to find a pool pump for the past week. We have finally acquired a used Hayward pool pump 1 week later and the pool is still crystal clear and algae free, with only some leaves and junk from the rain and chlorine at recommended level. Brushed, skimmed and added more chlorine but still clear.

Only with following TFP guidelines would this have worked. No green monster.
Did I say we love TFP?
pic of the pump set up: DSCF1728 ed.jpg pump in deep end, pipe in shallow.
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