TF Test Kit Results on Pool - NEED HELP

Jun 16, 2008
I purchased a TF kit and ran the test this weekend and need some help interpreting the results:

FC 0.5
CC 0.5
TC 1.0
Ph 7.0
T/A 80
CH 170
CYA 30

40,000 gallon, rectangular pool (20' x 40')
Vinyl liner
Triclor tabs (in-line feeder)---would like to switch to liquid chlorine
Water - pretty clear with some cloudiness (bubbles on the surface)
Sand filter

New pool owner...please help.


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Re: TFP Test Kit Results on Pool - NEED HELP

You'll want more chlorine in there. Either turn up the feeder or increase your pump run time (or both) to do that. Keep an eye on your CYA, as you may only be a couple of weeks away from 40ppm.

I'd also nudge the pH up to 7.2 by adding some soda ash or borax. If you haven't been lowering the pH with muriatic acid or pH Minus, I'd be inclined to say soda ash with your TA of 80, as you can tolerate any TA that the soda ash would add, and it seems your pH likes to be low.

I also edited your title to correct the name of the test kit to improve search results in the future. It's just TF, not TFP.


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May 20, 2007
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With that level of CYA you need at least 2ppm chlorine, use the pool calc for dosage. ALso, with .5 cc, you are really close to having to "shock" the pool to eliminate the cc's. But if you up your chlorine and leave of the solar cover, if any, it should take care of itself, provided you don't have the beginning of an algea bloom.

Hope that helped!