TF-100 to Aus / Refill or no?


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Oct 19, 2014
Brisbane, QLD, Australia

Finally found a way to get the TF-100 test kit sent here to Australia via a forwarder... can't wait to get the thing!

Am pondering whether I should buy the XL refill (2 oz chlorine drops and the powder) but am not sure how long the main kit stuff would last.

I have some sort of algae so will need to do at least a 3-4 day SLAM and maybe another. Is that going to use a ton of drops? (FC to 24 would be almost 50 drops).

The refills add about US$35 to the cost so I'd only get them if the main stuff wouldn't last me a season of the few SLAMS then testing weekly. I might not be in this house next year so really only for this season is the priority.