TF-100 arrived and the results are in. Help


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Aug 9, 2007
Bellflower Ca
I want to first say what an awsome test kit. Very easy to use. Here are the results:
Water Temp. 54 F
Chlorine: 0 w/ the basic kit
pH: 7.3
T/A: 50
CH: 500
CYA: 48
SALT: 4490

Should I do the test for FC, CC, & TC when the basic test shows 0?
I had no idea the salt level was so high. The SWG reads "LOW" 2500-2900 ppm. The weather guessers are saying we should get 5" of rain this weekend so that should help delute some of the salt.
I am open to all suggestions, this is all new to me. Thanks. Don


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Apr 1, 2007
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Hi, Don,

Well, the first answer is there is no need to do the other test for chlorine since your OTO test showed zero. Is zero what you were expecting? Tell us what your plans are for the rest of the winter...close the pool or just operate it normally.....and we'll be able to give you a little better advice.

That big rain may help your pool in a couple of ways. Obviously your salt is pretty high and so is your Calcium Hardness. I think I'd consider drawing down the pool a bit so you can retain ALL the fresh water the rain brings....that'll help get those two number back in line.

Your CYA might be a little low for an SWG pool but nothing to worry about. BTW, I assume you got 48ppm by sort of interpolating a little. Most of us report CYA in the nearest 10.....30ppm, 50ppm, etc.

Post back how you're gonna' handle the pool this winter and let us know why your SWG is apparently not producing chlorine.


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May 7, 2007
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The only thing I have to add to what duraleigh said, is that the TA could stand to be a little higher, perhaps 70, particularly if you are thinking about dilution to lower CH and salt (which is a good idea).

It isn't uncommon for a SWG to say low salt when the water is that cold. Some of the salt sensors are temperature compensated, but many of them aren't. Without temperature compensation the salt level reads lower than actual when the water is cold.


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Aug 9, 2007
Bellflower Ca
Thanks for the reply. Yes I was expecting the 0 reading because that's what my old test kit read. The SWG had stopped producing about 2 months ago due to low water temp. We still use the spa a couple times a month during the winter. I cut back the filter pump from 7hrs a day to 4hrs. I will go and remove some water now before the storm hits. Oh yea I was improvising on the CYA reading we can call it 50. Thanks again.


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Jul 23, 2007
Fremont, CA
I would sugget adding some liquid Chlorine to the water specially to the SPA if you are still using it. It will help keep the water sanitised and prevent the nasties from getting a hold.