Texas Spring Pool Floor "dirty"


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Oct 7, 2020
Leander, Texas
Hey y'all, Springtime in Texas means tree droppings everywhere...including our pool. We have large oaks that overhang the pool. It's nice in the summer but a huge pain in the Rear in Fall and Spring.

The bottom of our pool is very "dirty" and also has little areas of tree droppings in the corners. I can tell it's dirty because I can see where the vacuum has gone.

Any advice on how to keep this from happening during Texas Springtime? Should I run the vacuum more? My baskets are pulling water and my cartridge filter is at 20 (so not time to clean it...I don't think?) I have a variable speed pump... I haven't touched the settings since we bought the house last July. I have automatic timers that turn the cleaner pump on and filter pump on from noon to 6pm every day.

Thanks! I have brushed the bottom to "mix it up"

Side note: Our pool guy hasn't come in 3 weeks. I'm about to switch companies. No idea why...he just stopped showing up. So I'm sure it needs chemicals ASAP. Finding someone new tomorrow. Maybe that is why?


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May 3, 2014
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