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Apr 19, 2016
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Hi all,

I am sure you have seen in the news that we are getting some rain in Texas. Tonight in San Antonio, I got slammed. Up until now, it has filled the pool up some, and I had to do some draining. Well tonight, it filled to the top, and also had run in from the yard, including dirt and such. Not too many leaves because I had my leaf cover on.

My numbers on Monday were good, maintaining FC around 8-9 (CYA around 60-70), pH 7.5, and other numbers within range. So now the water is brownish from the run in. A quick FC test shows chlorine around 3-4. So I added enough Chlorine to get it up to 10. Also set filter to run all night, and turned on Polaris to clean up some dirt.

Question is do I need to SLAM? It is not algae, it is dirt. I was going to take off leaf cover and vacuum tomorrow, and make sure FC is not dropping fast.

thanks in advance!


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Apr 1, 2007
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Anecdotal reports of dirt runoff into the pool indicates you are in for a tough battle, Paul. I think you are doing most of the right things. Some people want to let the dirt settle to the floor and sneak it out by vacuuming slowly to waste. My take would be to slosh the dirt up into the water as vigorously as I could and allow the filter and the vacuum to get it out for me. Either way, I think you have a battle but it can be won by perseverance and common sense.
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