Texas freeze killed filter, need replacement advice


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Jun 19, 2014
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As warned in advance here on TFP, my efforts to repair the cracked tank of my Tagelus TA-100D sand filter failed (FYI: I filled the crack with JB Weld & pressure-cinched the tank tightly for 3 days; then sanded inside & out, cleaned with acetone, & installed fiberglass patches (4 layers) inside and out; it still didn't hold). So now I'm convinced I really MUST get a new filter.

Pentair advises either the C&C Plus 420 or the Quad DE 80 (obviously, the C&C Plus 520 or Quad DE 100 are "bigger" options & I know that an "oversized" filter is never "overkill", but price might decide). So far, I haven't found any Pentairs locally, so I may try to mail-order one & install it myself (I already have 2" PVC plumbing with the Tagelus; reference details of my other equipment below).

HOWEVER, as all my prior filter experience has been with a "sand" filter system, if I'm lucky enough to find both systems, I remain uncertain whether I should prefer buying a "C&C Plus" or a "Quad DE" system. So I'd really appreciate some thoughts on that issue.

BTW, I also don't know whether I would need to (or should) consider buying a separate "valve" (something like the multiport valve on my Tagelus?). Clarification about that would be helpful as it might be an additional expense.

Finally, if it turns out I can't find either Pentair system, I have two local fallback options to consider: (1) My regular pool guy has a new Hayward DE4820 he's offered to install @ $1600; and (2) the local Leslie's has a "Jacuzzi JCF425 425 sq. ft. pro-grade cartridge pool filter" for $1290 (I'd have to install). I know nothing about Jacuzzi filters, but apparently they come with a 2 year warranty.

All thoughts appreciated.



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Jul 3, 2013
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Paul, I love my clean and clear 320, you just can not go wrong with them.. Big enough and you can easily go a year without cleaning, I do.. a 420 or 520 would do nicely... connect a 3 way Jandy valve between the pump and filter and you have a way to lower the pool just like you did with the sand filter..

The problem your going to have is finding one in stock and if you do buy it that second... :)

DE is WAY better at filtering really small.. I just never wanted to buy the DE and also deal with how to get rid of it in the backwash...
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