Texan DIYer long time pool owner


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Dec 24, 2020
Allen, TX
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Hello, I've been in my home since 2003 which had a pool built in 2001 by prior owners, and have always maintained my pool myself with little to no issues for the last 18 years. But I'm a pretty handy guy, an electrical engineer by schooling and software developer/QA engineer for the last 27 years (and honestly about done with it!!). My pool requires very little maintenance, though I just recently upgraded to Pentair's easy touch system with Screenlogic (why oh why didn't I do that years ago, I don't know....). Glad to see this site with such a huge backing and look forward to hearing from anyone on my first post which talked about a configuration problem i'm having with easy touch and freeze mode. But otherwise, will gladly help others out as well as I've learned a few things over the years with my pool, chemicals, and such.