Testing SWG any difference then a non-SWG


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Aug 2, 2007
Austin, TX
My neighbor has a SWG pool and loves how my pool looks. She laughed at me when my wife has complained about all the test kits that I have bought over the last year. Recently, she asked if I could test her water for her weekly which I don't mind for it lets me use my test equipment even more. I never had exposure to testing SWG pools, are there any differences in testing? I understand I will need the TF100 test strips for the salt, is there any thing else needed or that I need to know? I will not make any chemical adjustment that is up to her! I put her in touch with Jason's calc as well as to this website. My job is getting her the numbers and the rest is up to her.


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Apr 4, 2007
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The only thing is that the minimum FC/CYA relationship is not the same for a SWCG pool. Find out what level the SWCG manufacturer recommends for the CYA and salt, and you should be set.