Testing pH with meter vs. Phenol Red


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Jun 2, 2012
Louisville, KY
I have a Hanna pH electronic meter from my reef tanks days. You stick the thing in the water and and two electrodes measure. Was some 70 bucks, supposed to be **** accurate.

Problem is it reads .1-.2 HIGHER pH than phenol red test kit from K-2006 and the HTH kit from walmart. Tonight K2006 kit said 7.5, pH meter said 7.7.

What to believe? I know the phenol test is about as simple as it can be, but I'm confused about the wide difference.

Could the free CL- ions be messing with the electronic meter? Doesn't make sense. I'm using trichlor tabs for now but really want to get a full handle on what my water is doing. Test results via K-2006:

FC -7
CC - 0
ALK - 100 (using thrichlor tabs for now via chlorinator, want them to up CYA)
CH - 180

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Apr 1, 2007
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I have never owned one but the consensus on the forum is that pH meters need expensive re calibration from time to time and generally, are not worth the money. Trust your phenol red test.