Testing for Chlorine in the World of a Chlorine Shortage


In The Industry
May 12, 2016
Sparks, MD
My friends at TFP are the best supporters of the FAS DPD test. Now, more than ever, people will want to know more precisely what their chlorine levels are. To me, FAS DPD beats color-matching, hands down. I do not do well reading pink colors. Besides making reading Free Chlorine more exact, FAS DPD has the following advantages:
- It does not bleach out until ~25 ppm. How many people have we talked to that have added chlorine after chlorine because there was not "pink" in the sample!
- It precisely measures Combined Chlorine. This makes treating for CC more precise with less wasted chlorine.
FAS DPD helps you conserve chlorine - which is probably going to be more important in 2021!

Be well!
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