Testing FC with Taylor K-2006 Question


Apr 6, 2018
When I add the drops to turn the color from pink to clear, the water turns clear and then after a minute turns back to a pink. Should I continue adding drops when this happens or record the number of drops it took to get it to clear initially?


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Feb 6, 2015
Chandler AZ
Nope - first change from pink to clear is completion of the test. Record the initial result.
If you let it sit for a minute or two, it will go back to pink.


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May 19, 2010
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Count until it first goes clear. That is your FC. Add the R0003. Count until it first goes clear. That is your CC.

Ignore the fact it will go back to pink if you leave it sit.


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Feb 3, 2019
^ Exactly what Dave has said.

I spoke with Wayne Ivusich, the Manager of Education & Technical Services at Taylor regarding some conflicting information my local pool store gave me about how to "correctly" do the test. They stated that you have to "add an extra drop or two" of the titrating reagent once your FC test has gone clear. Per Wanye, that information is not correct. You add your titrating reagent until the sample is colorless, and then proceed with the CC test.

The FC test should not sit for more than 30 seconds otherwise you will start to see the color changing back ever-so-slightly pink and thus have skewed results.

The CC test should be read immediately after it turns colorless as it will turn pink again within a minute or two.