Testing CYA Level


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Aug 26, 2007
I added about 4 pounds of CYA to my pool(14000 gal) a few days ago and tested this morning for the first time. I am still using the Aqua chem test kit from wal mart(I think its the 6 way kit) and the test didn't show any level of CYA at all. This is the type that you add the water till you can't see the black dot in the tube. I know this is a cheap test kit and I am planning on investing in the TFP kit from the forum but shouldn't I have registered something? I am shooting for a # of about 30ppm and had zero before the stabilizer was added. What do you guys think?


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May 7, 2007
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It can take CYA up to a week to fully disolve. So it is quite possible that it hasn't all disolved yet. The test can also show values at high as maybe 15 as if they were zero. So your level could be 15 and still coming up. There have also been sporatic reports of people buying stabalizer that is less than 100% pure, even though it is labeled as full strength.

The CYA test in the TF Test Kit will read down to 20, instead of 30, and has a larger tube which is easier to use. They both use reagents from Taylor and have the same accuracy on the CYA test. Several of the other tests in the TF Test Kit are more dramatically different, particuarly the FAS-DPD chlorine test. If you become a supporter of this forum you get a discount on the TF Test Kit.