Testing a friends pool. Where to start?


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May 21, 2017
Dracut MA
Okay the pool is 29000 gallons plaster in ground with a sand filter.
PH 7.0
Chlorine 0
ALK 90
CH 200
CYA 35
Should I start by raising PH and then move to SLAM?
Thanks Guys


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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Yeah, if you want to raise it to 7.2 nows the time. Or just put some aeration such as from a fountain on it.

Consider the CYA as 40 and dose it per this --> FC/CYA Chart
Plain, unscented, non-thickened, Non-Clorox brand plain bleach or liquid chlorine only.

Carry on! :salut:

Maddie :flower:
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