Tested my levels and CCs a bit high


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Jun 30, 2008
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Question about dropping CCs.

Yesterday we had an odd day. It poured like crazy at around 11am. Then it got extremely hot so my wife, our neighbors with kids, and our baby all went into the pool. Then later in the evening it poored like crazy again. So that was probably pretty tough on my pool's levels.

This morning when I tested everything I had the following:

FC - 3
CC - 1
CYA - 30
PH 7.5

I think this is the first time this summer Ive had more than .5 CCs when testing with the TF100.

My wife is planning another big swim day with everyone except unfortunate me since somebody around here has to work in order to keep the heater on. :hammer: So I dont want to dump tons of bleach in the pool and bring to shock levels.

So added about 60oz of 12.5 bleach to bring the FC up to about 5.5 or so.

My question is, can this alone bring my CCs down to .5 or 0?
Or maybe just bringing up my FC again later tonight with another 60oz of 12.5 bleach to 8 or so....
Or will I actually need to bring my pool to shock levels to lower the CCs?

Thanks in advance!

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Jun 22, 2009
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I'd do just what you did and check them again this evening. A little sun and some high FC will no doubt help get rid of them. If it doesn't, then you can shock.


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Apr 14, 2010
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Sounds good as Bama said.
I kind of did the same thing today...we got GOBS of rain over the last 2 days, the corn is tassling so there's crud in the air, and there's leaves etc I need to sweep out but don't have time this morning. I am maintaining a good FC level in the pool with the liquidator but today I added a jug of bleach to give more of a boost. Not really a shock dose, but just a little nudge up and still swimmable if we feel the need.

That's what this method is all about. Adjusting based on trends and needs.

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