Test results......wondering if this is normal


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May 1, 2008
Austin, TX
Good Morning all!

I'm new here at the site. I joined in May shortly after I completed my conversion from Baquacrap. As conversions go, it was relatively
painless and I was done within a week.

I've been testing my water daily and I've noticed a trend. I was wondering if it's normal. The water looks fantastic, totally clear and sparkly. I noticed that my pH is moving upward and my TA is going steadily down. At the end of May (when we started using the pool regularly), my pH was 7.2 and TA was 120. My pH started creeping up, I never let it get over 7.8 though, then my TA started coming down from 120, to 100, now it's hovering between 80 and 90. I consulted the pool calculator and added baking soda, it's still sitting at 80. Here's my test results from last night. Nothing looks really bad, I was just wondering if it's normal to fiddle with your pH and TA a lot. We've had an average bather load, hot dry days in the 100s lately, I've only added more water twice which is great considering how hot it's been.

FC 5
CC 0
TC 5
pH 7.2 (added acid day before yesterday)
TA 80
CYA 40

It's a AGP, 12' x 28' 9100 gal, Hayward pump and sand filter.
Thanks in advance for your help
Stop lowering you pH as much. Only lower it to 7.6 and when it hits 7.8 add enough acid to lower it back down. Keep yout TA between 70-90 and don't raise it until it drops to 60.

The lower you put your pH the faster it will rise. As you add acid to lower your pH you slowly 'eat away' at your TA so what you are seeing is normal. If you don't lower your pHas much you will slow this process down.