Test results....... Is my pool ready to swim in?


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I finished converting from Baquacil to BBB this past weekend. Everything went smooth thanks to this forum!

I have a 15x30 (approx 13000 gallons) above ground with a sand filter.

These are my latest test results: (these are very similar to what I have had all week other than the FC and TA)

FC - 5.0
CC - <.5
pH - 7.7
CYA - 30 (this may increase yet, as I had 0 to start and added 4 lbs on Monday)
TA - 150

I think the FC is high because I tried to compensate for the rain in the forecast (which we never got!!!). The TA is high because I added Baking soda. After reading, I found, I should have added Borax instead. :x

I have to top off the pool with water, about 3 inches, so maybe that will bring things (FC and TA) into range. I figure I'll let the hose splash into the pool and aim the return jet up to help.

So, until I get the TA lower, is my pool safe to swim in?