Test Results after First Week and OCLT


Jul 20, 2021
New Hampshire
Got my TF-Pro a little over a week ago and have been taking corrective actions to get my chemistry back in line. I also bought the LaMotte copper test kit since the previous owner was doing Pristine Blue until August (and neglecting chlorine, FC of 1 ppm at my first test). After a week of tweaking, here are my numbers:

FC 6
CC 0.5
pH 7.8
TA 60
CH 800 - (PO left me buckets and buckets of calcium lifter, unresolved mystery why he was doing this)
CYA 50
Cu 0.3

OCLT last night showed FC loss of 0.5. I am thinking based on these numbers, I do NOT need to SLAM. I am also not planning to address the copper or CH, as I have not noticed any scale or staining of the liner/hair. pH and TA were very low at the start and took ~7 lbs of soda ash to get both in line. Previous owner was using exclusively dichlor for chlorine, so I am surprised the CYA came out this low, but I watched videos and repeated the CYA test many times and I am confident in this number. Also worth noting, the leaf catcher basket had a vague dead fish kind of smell at first, which is gone now. Not sure what that was about

Any feedback? Closing the pool October 7th, and not planning to SLAM prior to that unless another OCLT shows it is needed. Should I be slamming as a preventative closing measure anyway? Thanks!


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Aug 15, 2017
Spring Valley, NY
Looks good. Nothing needed for now, enjoy till October 7th. Drain back to below returns for winterizing and let winter precip help lower the CH as it fills back up.


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May 3, 2014
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@wireform can add to this but I would be concerned with your Copper level and rising pH during winter. We know an elevated pH can bring the copper out of solution and stain. I would hate for you to have a stained liner come spring, and removing copper stains from a vinyl liner are nearly impossible.
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