Test kits for Bromine Spas


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Aug 9, 2007
Chesapeake, VA
This is a great site for pools and has helped me tremendously with the pool.

Now...the Hot Tub.
The water was yucky so I drained it this AM.
I have been using the chems bought from the store, which are the SimpleBlue line of products.
I would use the Spa Manager and the Spa Power Boost Weekly.

What about water testing?
I purchased the TFP test kit. Will this kit work with Bromine system?

I presume CH, TA and pH are all the same.



You can use the OTO (daily) test for bromine since only total bromine is tested. If you want a bromine FAS-DPD test you would need the Taylor K-2106, which is the test kit I r3ecommend for bromine. It also will test pH with acid and base demand, TA, and CH. The TA and CH are IDENTICAL to the ones in the TTTestkit.
The pH is the same as the one in the Taylor K-2005/K-2006.

Simply Blue is NOT a primary sanitizer! It is a copper based system and is NOT an EPA approved sanitzer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


\the OTO tester in the TF100 has a scale for both total chlorine and total bromine.