Test kit noob question


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May 2, 2017
Nassau NY
I currently have an HTH test kit I picked up last year for our first pool (intex- This was before I found TFP)
I would like to continue using it so as not to just throw it out but it does not test for FC. I'm considering purchasing this Taylor k-1001 for free chlorine and PH to supplement the HTH kit which does everything else. TC,PH,Bromine,TA,Hardness,CYA


Question is, is the HTH kit sufficient/ accurate enough to get me through the season compared to the Taylor setup? Should I just bite the bullet and get a full TF100 kit and toss the HTH? Buy the FC test separately? Overthinking things?


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Feb 3, 2014
Central Minnesota
Since your reagents are a year old, what I would do is go with a TF-50. This gives you all the tests you need, but not a color block for TC and pH. Since you already have those in the HTH kit.

The FC test in the Taylor K-1001 is not what you want for an FC/CC test. You want a FAS-DPD test for FC and CC that goes up to 50+ ppm so you can perform a SLAM if needed. The TF-50 has that.

TF-50 plus your TC/pH color block you already have is the best bet imo. If you need more cylinders or more reagents, you could add those on as well. TF-50 @ TFTestkits.net