Test kit and CYA ?


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Jun 1, 2010
I have a 3800 gal intex type pool, I'm using a HTH drop test from WW, however I'm out of CYA test drops. I thought I could order a refill from TF and use the tubes etc I have with the HTH kit, do you see any probs with this?

Also I had previous issues keeping chlorine in the pool however, with the help of this board using bleach that is no longer an issue, chlorine has stayed at 3-4 for a couple days, (been cloudy and cool here). My CYA is another issue, I initially added 1 lb of HTH Super Shock, 1 lb of HTH stabilzer and 6, 1" tabs, my CYA still tests <30, not sure why?

Current readings:
TA 100
PH 7.2
FC 3-4
CYA <30



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Feb 23, 2008
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I would imagine that the HTH kit uses the same reagent as the rest but someone would need to confirm that for me.

CYA can take several days (up to a week) to dissolve. Your results may seem low until it is fully dissolved in the water.


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Jun 14, 2007
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Yes, it will work. I had the 7&7 ml set up from Taylor and used it for several years. It does the job. However, I recently upgraded by purchasing the 14 & 14ml tube and mix bottle from TFT. I have a lot more confidence in the results; it is just easier using the larger tube. Also, the large tube goes down to 20ppm; my small one goes only to 30 and is hard to read at that level. The tube and bottle are only a few bucks if you are already ordering reagent. The only downside is you use twice as much reagent per test. It's no big deal given the number of times I test CYA.

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