Tell me i don't need counselling


Aug 15, 2010
West Point, Alabama
Worked off and on all summer on an 18x33 liner replacement, gorilla pad, foam pool cove project. Yesterday was our first swim day. My thermometer was pegged out well above 110 'F during the whole ordeal. That made yesterday that much more satisfying. As I was nearing my dreaded skimmer cut-in, I was sweating bullets from the heat and putting a blade to a $500 dollar liner. Finally bringing my water level up to mid-skimmer, I started the pump... nothing but a hum. I ended up pulling the pump and disassembling until I reached the impeller. After freeing the impeller, I noticed the shaft was not turning as free as I would have liked. So more than likely I'll be replacing a pump soon. All is well for now...Yesterday, before the kids woke up, I was underwater cleaning my new liner. I was having way too much fun. I get a lot of satisfaction from keeping a sparkling super-clean pool. Balancing the water, vacuuming, back-flushing, just taking care of my little piece of water is so much fun. Wife says I'm way too anal about the pool and I probably need counselling. but what do you say besides, YEP!!! Taking care of the pool is like therapy. I was excited to find this website. I'm glad I'm not the only pool lover around. Is it because I'm an Aquarius? sorry the long post..happytobehere.


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Apr 14, 2010
Stephens City, VA
Fellow Aquarius feels ya...

When I first went TFP I scrubbed because I felt like I needed to. Because I wasn't spending enough time past years I always had dead algae debris on the bottom. I felt like I HAD to do something when I really needed to do nothing.

Then I got a liquidator and I don't even test every day now. It just sparkles all by itself. I maybe sweep every 7-10 days depending how much rain we get.


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Apr 1, 2007
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Welcome to the forum. :lol: I understand about cutting that liner. I did the same about 5 years ago and it was nerve wracking.

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Jun 22, 2009
SouthWest Alabama
You definitely need therapy! So get out there to that pool and get some! :mrgreen:

I can't think of a better therapy on planet earth than floating in a sparkling pool. Heck, I even get therapy from vacuuming once in a while. Crazy, huh??


Glad that you're enjoying the fruits of your labor!

How did you keep your walls from collapsing if you worked on it for so long?

I am curious because my liner is old and will need replacing, and I can see that the steel walls under the liner will need some sanding and painting.

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