Taylor Testing Reagents... Costly?


Sep 7, 2020
Georgia, USA
So I've only been using my new Taylor k2006 for 4 weeks now. I did have a few extra tests I used to start out with to get things inline but otherwise testing just once per week since, total of 6 test sessions. Aside from those first two my parameters are within normal ranges with one or two items only being off slightly and having to adjust. Last week I tested my water at my dealer as a sanity check and all of the values were close to what I had tested. All that said I'm going through quite a number of drops, especially on the R-0871 - I'm already out... For example finding my FC took 20drops and my TO took 41 this week, is this normal? At this rate I'll be spending more on testing reagents than chemicals.


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Jul 21, 2013
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We recommend folks get the Taylor K-2006C or TF-100 Test Kits. The C model K-2006 has larger reagent bottles. The TF-100 uses Taylor reagents and has the bottles sized for TFP methods so a kit should last one or more seasons. You can read more about the differences in Pool Test Kits - Further Reading

You can get a complete refill for your K-2006 at Complete Refill Set Taylor K-2006 that should last a season.

Also we recommend doing the FC test using a 10 ML sample and multiplying the drops by 0.5. That is adequate accuracy for pool test purposes. See...

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