Taylor Test Kits for Canadians


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May 24, 2019
Hello fellow Canadians!

I'm hoping there are at least a few of you over here. I have been using my Taylor test kit (K-2106, as I have a Bromine pool) for the past year and it has been perfect. However, all my reagents are starting to expire. Where are you guys getting your Taylor test kits from? Last year it was no big deal because I was able to just order it from Amazon.com (US) and run across the border to pick it up. With the way things are looking now, it may be months before I am able to go to the US for this stuff, and I don't see any reasonable prices online for the reagents.

I'm mostly only looking to replace the R-0872 (tests Bromine) and R-0011L-A (tests Calcium Hardness) as those are expired. However, if I can get the whole kit at a reasonable price, I'll just do that.


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May 3, 2014
Laughlin, NV
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Salt Water Generator
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Pentair Intellichlor IC-40

The above is for a normal chlorine based system. Not sure about the bromine reagent.


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May 24, 2019
Thank you for that thread, a lot to consider there.

If I have to buy a chlorine test kit, I can, it's just one additional step to convert the FC reading to Br.
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