Taylor FC Reagent Varies In test results


Jul 23, 2019
Bourbonnais Illinois
OK. So want to go really crazy?? I really don't know what to believe about any testing now. I did a FC test at about midnight last night with the smaller reagent from the Taylor kit and got 18.5 FC 37 drops. Got a fresh sample not long ago and used the new Taylor 2 oz. bottle from the pool store which I purchased yesterday and got a result of 21 FC - 42 drops. Nothing had been added to the pool, so I tested the same water sample with the reagent from the kit and got a result of 17 FC - 34 drops which is what might be expected for a reading. I am probably gonna have to contact Taylor for input, but I compared the drop size on a piece of plastic laying flat on the countertop AND the 2 oz. bottle I just got has a bigger drop size ( both held Vertical) than the one that came in the kit. It took more drops of a bigger drop size to complete the test. Very confused. Anybody had similar things happen?


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Nov 23, 2017
Port Orange, FL
My guess is the larger drop size is the main difference. I suspect the expired reagent was still usable. The dropper caps are likely interchangeable, you may want to change caps and redo the testing to see if the results swap with the caps. The differences you're seeing don't seem that large to me regardless, there's some tolerance to the process although I don't know what it is.
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