Taylor CY test vs Pool Store CY test


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I belong to a small town private club. Anyway, our pool person...wasn't doing a great job. I have got the pH, FC and ALK back, and today i tested CYA w/ new TFP CYA test kit, and it was nearly 0. for 80,000 pounds, i'm having our guy put in 20 pounds of CYA...then i'll wait a week...

The pH was 8.4 and the FC was ~ 0, i have the FC at 5+ and the pH at about 7.1 now. 20 pounds sounds like a good start?
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For your CYA, before adding ... is the water clear? No algae (hazy water, green clouds, etc)? If you have any doubt, maybe perform an Overnight Chlorine Loss Test before increasing the CYA to the recommended minimum of 70. Consider a CYA goal of 30 at first. To go from zero to 30 requires 13 lbs of stabilizer in your pool. Now if you are sure there is no algae and wish to take the CYA up to 70, that would be 29 lbs.