tanning ledge sizes


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Feb 23, 2019
Toms River, NJ
We have a 8 ft (circumference) ledge but its not for tanning. We got it because I have small kids and I like to just sit in the water and watch. My friends and I hang out there also while the kids are swimming and my husband and I have used it as a sort of hot tubby area in cooler weather (just crank up the heat a few hours before). We love it! And he only got ut because that was one of my must have (and the heater😊). But he agrees now that they were both worth it. Ours doesn't take up pool space because we had it added on to the top of our shape.


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Sep 15, 2018
Seminole, FL
You can see our sunledge in my icon image. We have 4 Adirondack chairs and the umbrella. It's about 92" x 92" I wouldn't want it smaller. Folks love to sit there with their feet in the water if they don't want to swim, and our little guy loves to sit there and play.


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Feb 23, 2019
Toms River, NJ
KaiBee... I love your set up! How many feet of water is under your slide? Would I be able to put a slide over 4'11" of water?
I will measure it today. But I'm pretty sure we are close to the minimum depth required. My pool only goes to 6 feet. And I am able to walk more than halfway down the pool and it only reaches my neck (I'm 5.5 feet). I wanted to be able to easily reach smaller kids after going down slide and i wanted to be able to use the whole pool all the time. My husband is 6 ft and my boys will likely be as tall if not taller. They all go down the slide just fine.


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Jul 10, 2012
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You have a great working knowledge of what you and your husband wants! Good job!

swim jets to be able to get more exercise type swimming, but they are really expensive for something I am not sure how much I would use them.
I am quoting this to share a "swimming for exercise" idea. A tether! Here one I grabbed
Amazon.com : Swim Tether Original – Swim Training Resistance Belt – Tangle Free Design – Turn Your Pool or Spa Into a Stationary Swimming Environment ST001 : Swim Spa Exercise Equiptment : Sports & Outdoors

Here is a good page to look at for slides:
Adding a Pool Slide to your Inground Pool | InTheSwim Pool Blog | InTheSwim Pool Blog Read all the way down to find the depth and "envelope" for the slide.

Make sure to have the PB plumb for the slide down the road so it is ready to go when you are ready.

Keep this thread going as your build thread. It is so neat to have it all together in one "story".

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Aug 2, 2020
poolnoobgrandma.....thank you for your pic and measurements and what fits on your ledge. Love it!

Kaibee....thank you for the info!

kimkats.....Thanks for your knowledge! I read on another thread your links you listed for basic pool school. I'm sure I will be referencing that link a lot since I will have no clue where to start in the beginning!