Tanning ledge bubbler, looking to upgrade my pressure

Mike Hawk

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Oct 29, 2014
Tulsa OK
We have 3 bubblers in our tanning ledge. I had always wondered why I had two return lines from my equipment pad. Then like a light bulb it hit me!!! One line goes to just the bubblers, the other line goes to the other wall returns. So with great enthusiasm like a kid in a candy shop I hopped right on over to my equipment pad and turned off the wall returns and fired up my new 2.2 sfhp motor that I upgraded to last weekend (it used to be a 1.65 sfhp motor). I was hoping for Yellow Stone guisers! My neighbor has a pool that was built by the same company and his bubblers shoot up a good 4 feet. Well, sadly, while my bubblers did shoot up a bit more, they were only about 3/4 to 1 foot above the water.

So how can I increase the pressure? Right now it's non-threaded 1.5" PVC :( Do they make friction expanding eyeballs? Or do they make a tool that can add interior threads to my existing PVC? Also, how bad will raising the pressure be on my equipment/motor? I'm pretty sure once we have a whole gaggle of kids over they'll soon realize if they put their foot on one bubbler, the other two will shoot up even farther. I can just see the antics when they decide to get 3 kids involved to block all 3 returns at once.


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May 3, 2007
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At the time of your motor upgrade did you up size the impeller too? If not, you have basically the same pump as you did before. It is the impeller that determines pump performance and not the motor.

If you are able to reduce the size of the jet orifice, the stream will go further.

The higher pressure will not hurt anything either.