Tampa Bay FL here....new AG


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Jun 27, 2008
Tampa Bay FL
Hi all,

I am SO SO SO happy I found this site! :-D I've been lurking around for the past few days and really enjoy the pics of everyone's pools plus of course the Pool School, the calculator, and all other threads as well. Thank you for having me!

TODAY I am having my 15' round AG pool installed. I am so happy....I've wanted a pool my entire life, particularly since I've been in FL (20+ years). My yard is VERY small. This pool will barely fit. We are having a side deck built next to it in the near future as well.

I am looking foward to learning a lot on here. I am totally nervous and scared that I'll have a green pool.....hope we can LEARN what needs to be learned about proper maintenance and care of a pool! :-D


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May 20, 2007
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I went to high school with a girl name Cassiopeia.... :-D

Welcome to TFP and that fact you found this site FIRST means you WON'T have a green pool. :mrgreen:

Enjoy your pool build, get that camera out....we love pics.