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Apr 19, 2010
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Yikes, i feel for those people. I hope they were able to get it successfully reinstalled.

Believe it or not, I went through the same thing, except we removed the pool from the ground on purpose. That's how we got the IG pool at my former house. It looked almost identical to the one pictured.
It belonged to a neighbor who's house burned. He decided to rebuild somewhere else and was going to fill the pool in with dirt. We talked him into selling it to us for a very good price rather than taking a total loss on it. We bought the 3 year old pool for $1,000.00 (including the pump and sand filter) and agreed that we would be totally responsible for moving it. We tore up the concrete around it, cut the plumbing, sealed off the main drain and began floating it out of the ground by running water under it. We had it hauled up the road to our house on a flat bed trailer.
We started the job around daylight, by dark the pool was sitting in our yard. I wish I had a picture of the neighbors standing around watching us in disbelief while this was going on. LOL

It was alot harder to get it back in the ground at our house!

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Jun 22, 2009
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Wow, that is an interesting story. I wish you had taken pictures. We've floated a few of the old propane tanks out of the ground but would have never thought about doing a whole pool that way!
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