Taking over RV Camp Ground Pool for summer.

OK So I arrived here to find a very nice clean sparkling water in the pool. Lots of small leaves floating around but have been cleaned up most recently with no obvious problems.

3-10-16 Test
FC 0
PH 7.8
Alk 60
CYA 90-100

So I am thinking I dump 56% right off the bat using pool math to lower CYA.

Water (Well on property) is now refilling after draw down.

Filling pool cont.......About 18" left to be topped off.
Dropped 2 gallons of 10.5% bleach until it tops off just to get cranking on getting to a OCLT asap.
Tonight's reading:
C=12 ppm @ 20:45 hrs.


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May 11, 2014
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If I am correct a pool at a commercial campground would fall under the definition of a “Public swimming pool” in Florida. There are a host of regulations including required training for the pool operator and specific methods of additions of chemicals. You may want to verify this as I may not be correct.
Yes, I will and probably have a good idea of what it says.....I have been maintaining pools for 3 years now as a "workamper" in various parks and the knowledge of the "CPO's" at each park has dumbfounded me to this day. I made every attempt to get them to subscribe or at least read the valuable info on "troublefreepool.com but to my surprise they declined to change treatment methods that are archaic and sometimes the reason for the problems that confronted them. Hey, Im just a workamper, Ill do what ever you tell me....your the one that has to answer to the inspector.....I made it a point to be there to see the outcome and was not surprised how "flexible" some of the inspectors become due to this level of inadequate knowledge and understanding by some pool operators. I am a great fan of this site, how can anyone not be?


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Welcome to TFP, and thank you for the kind words. It's sounds like you get it very well already, so I'll just say I hope you enjoy your time here.

Numbers look pretty good all round' but watch your pH for creep up. Pretty flexible with your low CH level, so no panic there. You can quite likely look at using Cal Hypo some if it makes sense cost wise. I know Florida is loaded with bleach suppliers, so that is something you'll have to decide on.


I enjoyed your background story on the different folks. The beliefs and amount of knowledge you find never cease to dumbfound me either. It's truly amazing sometimes.