Taking down the Intex 9X18, sand filter, and SWG


Apr 19, 2021
Mid Missouri
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I'm draining my Intex. We want to us that space for something else in the winter so we will not leave it up. I have a few questions:

1. How do I close the pump and SWG?
2. I want to give her a good scrub down. What dilution bleach water for cleaning the empty pool?
3. I want to store the liner in a deck box in my basement (to avoid critters). Does anybody have a suggestion on deck box size I will need?
4. Any other take-down suggestions?

Thanks! TFP has made my first season as a pool owner a delight. I never had algae or green water. We loved having a pool and cannot wait to put her back up next spring!!


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Jun 1, 2018
Hernando, Ms
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1. You just drain the water out of them & store them along with the hoses - I don’t even remove the hoses from the swg.
If you can physically move the drained filter with the sand in it you can just leave the sand in there. Wet sand is heavy so let it drain well.
2. 50/50 or less bleach/water is fine (if the pool has been properly maintained & algea free this isn’t super necessary) be sure to rinse well.
The key is making sure it’s completely dry inside & out before storing otherwise mold/mildew can grow also the vinyl can get stuck together. Microfiber cloths can help. Some people use baby powder or baking soda to prevent the sticking after drying. Adding A damp rid packet to the container also might be a good idea.
3. no idea until u take it down & attempt to fold/ roll it up - the box it came in would give u a good idea though. You’ll never fold it back like they had it so keep that in mind.
Some people use large trash cans for liner/cover storage as well.
If u want to store the legs in there too it will obviously need to be at least that long.
I have a huge lifetime 130 gallon deck box (we call it the coffin because i can fit inside of it!)
& it is great- very robust, built double walled kinda like a cooler, just like the tables - & it seals completely. This isn’t always true of other brands. So be aware some of them pop apart as easily as they popped together. I say get the biggest one u can - better to have too much room than not enough. You can always put more than the liner in it.
4. Extra advice:
avoid scratching the coating of the metal parts. If this occurs repaint the area. You don’t want rust.
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