Tabs with Copper


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May 1, 2007
Orlando, FL
Stolen from another thread: :wink: (Thanks to John T)
Avoid the pucks that Walmart carries, as they contain copper, which can eventually stain your liner and turn blond hair green.
I know we're all pretty much against stabilized chlorine, but it can be useful in situations where CYA is low or managed, especially when a pool is going to be unattended for a while.

My question is, which tabs have copper in them? I thought that Wal-Mart had a couple of different brands - I thought I saw Pace and HTH there before. Do both have copper? Do the same brands at other outlets have copper? Do we know how much copper? And what about JoAnn and Father MacCulty? Will MaryAnn realize that William is actually a girl in time to stop the wedding? Oh wait... I may have gotten carried away on those last questions. :oops:

Anyway, back on topic, what is the bottom line on the copper in Tri-Chlor tabs?