TA ?



TA of 100 is certainly livable. You might find that you pH creeps up a bit fast but if you are testing your pH a few times a week and adjusting it as needed you should have no problems at all.


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Mar 29, 2008
Evans, GA
Thanks all

I tested again today and looks like all is well and added some bleach.

CYA is at about 50. So I think I am going to test every other day now for CL and pH. Would that be ok? or should I test CL and pH everyday and the others like TA and CYA once a week?

I must also add that I love BBB method- before I discovered it, I was pool stored with my moms i/g. And it was alway up and down with the levels. Nothing ever stayed where it should have, it was either to high or too low and I had to add all kinds of stuff. BBB is definately the best and most easiest way!