TA rising, not lowering


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May 28, 2018
Moorhead, MN
Hello! I've tried to lower my total alkalinity for the past several days. The first time, I used Acid Magic and then aerated but it didn't do much and my numbers stayed the same. Figuring it had lost its efficacy, I used actual muriatic acid. It did lower the pH this time, so I aerated again, and now my TA climbed from 90 to 100! What am I doing wrong? Thanks!


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May 3, 2014
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Adding acid lowers TA. That is a chemical reality. It does not lower the TA by much at each addition.

Testing error, products adding TA, etc can contribute to what you are seeing.


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Jun 11, 2018
Verona, MO
Normal +/- is probably 10. ??? Not sure. So if you happened to be on the minus side then plus side on second test could be part of it.
How much MA did you add?