TA reading etc

New to TFP. But JohnnyB is helping me.

First test 3.20.2021


pH 7.2

FC 33.5, been using bags of shock from pool store

CC 0.5

TA 240?

CYA >100

Added pH up this afternoon- Johhny B will coach me in the future

We ignore pH reading while the FC is so high, right? We re-test pH once the FC falls to the 11 range?

TA- never turned red, only went to light yellow at about 9-10 drops & didn’t change much thereafter so we just stopped at 24 drops. What’s w that?

CYA- been using pucks, want to transition to BBB/ TFP system. Will order a proper test kit soon, using Johhny’s for now. How do we handle such a high CYA? We know the range should be CYA 20-50 . Need we deal with/lower the CYA?



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Welcome to the forum!
If your CYA is greater than 100, you need to exchange / drain and replace some water.
Do a CYA test tomorrow with your pool water cut 50/50 with tap water. Then use that mix for your sample when doing the CYA test.
Your TA test was effected by your high FC. Read Total Alkalinity - Trouble Free Pool
I suggest you read ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry.