TA question.


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May 27, 2014
Clarksburg, WV
Just opened my pool last week. Numbers from today.

FC - 5
CYA - 30
TA - 60
pH - 7.2

I aerated for about 20 hrs and pH never came up. Do you guys think i need to raise the TA up to around 90-100? The last few years it has stayed right around 100-110. For some reason this year, it is starting out kinda low.

I know my pH needs to be 7.5. If i raise the TA will the pH come up as well? And what is the best way to raise TA? Baking soda? Or is that just for pH? Pool is about 15k gallons.


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Jan 6, 2010
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I'd leave it where it is.

If it bothers you, a little bit of borax, washing soda, or pH increaser (same as washing soda) will raise pH up. Your TA is low enough that it won't be pushing pH up very fast so you could go a long time if you do nothing. Raising pH will also raise TA some, which may send pH high enough that then you need acid.