TA of 320


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Apr 12, 2015
Hello all. Here are my measurements..

0 FC

How would you suggest I lower the TA ? Can I start the shock or should I wait until TA / CYA stabilize?


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Jan 6, 2010
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Question: is that test kit new? If so, you may be experiencing static electricity on the R-009 TA test reagent. See the notes in
Pool School - Total Alkalinity Not that it really matters. TA is the last thing you deal with unless it's dangerously low and yours isn't. Your pH is good although the CYA is too low for a SLAM. Don't wait for the CYA to dissolve, get in there and start killing algae. Target 30 CYA and set in in a sock in the skimmer and assume it's all there even if you can see that it hasn't fully dissolved. 12 FC is shock level for 30 CYA. If the pool is green, it won't stay up there long anyway.

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