TA of 150 vs 80


Feb 25, 2021
Pool Size
Liquid Chlorine
I recently filled my 3k gal endless pool and over did it with the baking soda when getting the alkalinity up. It's now about 140-150 TA, based on my last test. My pH is stable around 7.5 and my CH is 150 as of tonight. I know the high alkalinity is likely to push the pH upward over time. The pool is indoor and covered 99.9% of the time, so there's little aeration, unless I do it intentionally.

If I watch the pH and reduce it when it creeps up to 7.8 (and thereby reduce the alkalinity slowly over time) is there any real issue with that? Are there any other con's of having a high TA? I'll also watch the SI and add more CH to keep it all in balance if necessary as the TA comes down, but I'd rather add as little (of anything) as possible, especially things that can't be reduced without draining (like CH and CYA). Speaking of CYA, I don't have any in there yet, but I plan to bring it up to the 20-30 range once everything else is stable and hunky-dory.

Thanks for your thoughts!


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Dec 31, 2019
Houston, Texas
You'll be fine. Managing TA really is about managing your pH. As long as you keep your pH in the right range, don't worry about TA. TA is like the tail wagging the dog.