TA before adding boric acid


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Aug 12, 2015
Teutpolis, IL
Hope to add borates this year to help with PH and possibly reduce chlorine usage. PH always seems to run high on our pool. Probably just order boric acid as figured out it was about the same price to order from duda than buying borax and muratic acid at Walmart/Rural King. Would I order the granular or the powder form?

Know I need to adjust TA first.
Found couple different TA recommendations. On the TF-100 test card it recommends TA 100-120 for manually chlorinated pools. On the reference guide on TFP site it recommends 50-90+ So what should my TA be at before I start? TA is currently 120.
What PH should I aim for before I start since I will be bringing it down when I reduce the TA?

Thank you!!!


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Jun 12, 2011
Do you have a way to aerate the water? Lowering the TA is a very long process without aeration.

I have found that the quickest way to lower it is to lower pH to about 7.2, then aerate for a couple or three hours. Monitor pH and any time it rises to or near 7.5, drop it back to 7.2. It seems that the lower the pH you maintain during the process the faster it works. You just don't want the pH to get dangerously low. Once you get to the TA goal, keep aerating to get the pH to about 7.5, then you can add the boric acid.

As far as a goal for TA, I think situations differ. In my case with high CH and high TA fill water I shoot for around 60, but your results may differ. I find that with 50 ppm borates and a TA around 60, my pH will slowly rise and stabilize at around 7.8 for some time. Eventually it will suddenly rise, and it will take a good size dose of acid to knock it back down to 7.5, and repeat the process. The pool still uses a good amount of acid, but I can go much, much longer between additions.