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May 3, 2020
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Just a question. I had a green tint in my water and posted that here. I saw my TA was 180 from a pool store test and they said my Adjusted alkalinity was good (120). In reading things on this forum, They said ignore the adjusted TA, which I did. I lowered my TA with muriatic acid and voila, the water is blue! I'm down to 90 on the TA. Shooting for 70. SWG. Aerating with spa jets to raise the Ph, 7.2 right now. Great advice here! Is it possible the TA caused the greenish tint to the water?

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Jun 22, 2014
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Is it possible the TA caused the greenish tint to the water?
I doubt the TA itself was, although it may have allowed the pH to remain a little high which certainly could. How are you testing your water? I don't see any testing results in your Poolmath log or kit in your signature, but you could post a full set of water results for us to evaluate. I'm guessing you are on a well? If so, please add that and which test kit you are using to your signature. That info will be extremely valuable.
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